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Software Licensing & Subscription

A Close Association with Our Clients and the Powerhouses of the Industry

Kenfil's business success has been developed from our early association with the world's leading software companies and some of the region's most important users, including a variety of government, educational units and corporate bodies. Our extensive experience in the business has also allowed us to accumulate a depth of experience in software licensing that is the envy of the industry. Services in this area include the formulation and negotiation of specific software licensing plans for our clients, program options, program management, rollout, logistics, license inventory administration, pricing updates, and contract renewal and extension.

I.T. Education & Certification Solutions

Keeping People up to Speed with Technology

Technology is a tool, and one of the most important tools for the advancement and betterment of our lives, but like any tool, it is only as good as the skills of its user. Recognition of this fundamental truth has been at the heart of Kenfil's I.T. Educational strategy and in line with our mission "To make learning affordable, accessible, enjoyable and effective", we have developed a core educational philosophy that recognizes the personalized study style of every client: by offering each of our customers an e-Learning solution, we empower them with the ability to roll-out training program when they want, where they want, and critically, at a pace that suits their own users' unique habits and capacities.

Professional Services & Support
Making Technology do the Business for Business

Today as never before, the reliance of business on technology cannot be denied as so important to every enterprise to enhance performance, competitiveness and profitability - the problem for most, though, is how to do so?

Our dedicated professional services team 
offer a dynamic blend of strategy consulting and system integration services to help the organizations implement their planned IT solutions at justified ROI. The reason is, whichever solution you choose, our specialist and project managers are present at every step of the project deployment cycle, from requirement analysis to system specification, from system delivery to skill transfer, at every point ensuring the solutions we have designed and delivered are the solutions you need and expected and met the scheduled timeline

HK-China Cross Border Regional Services

Particularly to the licensing demands from enterprise with businesses in both Hong Kong and South China regions, Kenfil provides integrated services to arrange dedicated account managers to serve this kind of customers, to provide an easy and simple consolidated approach to software procurement and centralized asset and licensing program management across both regions. We also offer the wide range of professional IT services in depth and breath to enable your company better enhance the operation efficiency and performance in communication, collaboration, data protection and infrastructure access management for remote branch offices environment.