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Solution description

Kenfil Energy is an enterprise information portal that integrated powerful information integration, and security, and encryption, and activities Directory integrated management (ADM), and process management . It's based on more document type encryption capacity, and paper mass document conversion integration technology and powerful work flow engine WWF of Microsoft RMS technology . It can much better to achieve the needs on information management and the security access storage in the enterprise information construction process, and achieve business process management and the flexible process reassignment capacity easily, and assist enterprises to improve business process efficiency more further, enterprise business operations more precise, smooth, efficient , energy, so that business processes will get an overall simplification, and it also provides a powerful and efficient enterprise information platform to enhancing the core competitiveness.

Target customer groups:

Enterprise and Public institutionFinancial industryEnergy industryManufacturing Services

The main advantages of Solution

      Data analysis and report forms shows;

      Unify information platform and construct knowledge management system;

      Cooperate with process management to enhance enterprise core competitiveness;

      Provide decision to support KPI;

      Provide user management and access control mechanisms;

      Remote access and Mobile Office;

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