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Any enterprise requires a suitable knowledge management system. In different development stage, Enterprise Knowledge management system appears different forms. Build a most simple file server, or build a document management system, they are all using software system to classification storage and manage amount of valuable program,achievement, and experience, knowledge in enterprise, accumulate knowledge assets and avoid loss, promote knowledge learning, sharing, training and recycling and innovation, effective reduce operations cost of enterprise,improve enterprise core competitiveness.

Kenfil KMS, in addition to having document properties, document classification, version control,document search and other basic functions,the function requirements of interviewing in different areas  is also taken into account. Improve existing information distribution ways that information distribution system, simplify operations and maintenance work, improve the user experience of information distribution. And have good integration with other systems, the Microsoft technology platform.

By deploying KMS to build a enterprise information distribution, document sharing platforms, so that different branches or subsidiary operations personnel can quickly obtain information,reduce the input of more systems , more hardware and system maintenance costs in the past.

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