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Kenfil offers our clients a vast array of sophisticated enterprise system solutions and technical services from which they can select on amix-and-match basis to formulate just the service package they require. Our mission is to cultivate innovative and practical solutions on a solid foundation of IT experience. Our aim is to apply the best solutions with rich experience, based on a flexible basis, in order to obtain the desired business results.


The objectives of our consulting services are:


        To help the enterprises to enhance the company-wide productivity

        To enrich the communication &collaboration, internally & externally

        To ensure faster response toreact business challenges

        To make sure the rapid return in investment


We fully understand our customers’ needs, and our services are developed for meeting their company IT direction and budget requirements. Our service scope includes:


       Technology consulting

        Infrastructure and system design

        System sizing and piloting

        System roll-out

        Skill set transfer

        On-going technical support


We can also oversee project implementation throughout the entire organization or network of offices, provide technical support and on-site training whenever needed. In cases your time, staff resources or in-house expertise are not adequate to meet new IT needs, we shall offer tailor-made,on-site services for you.


We offer a dynamic blend of strategic consultation and system integration services to help organizations develop e-business. Investing in research and development, partnering with global technology leaders and participation in numerous projects for top enterprises in the region... all of these grant us extensive experience in providing end-to-end solutions in diverse business areas and technology domains, empowering us to deliver measurable business results to our clients.


We engineer the most complicated applications and next generation information technology infrastructure, by combining our in-depth knowledge in diverse business domains with our expertise across various technologies. Our unique structure enables us to maximize our capability, and bring out the most innovative solutions in every business and technology domain.


Kenfil Professional Services include 5 main areas of services:


1.    Professional Services in Microsoft Technologies

2.    Systems Consulting

3.    Business Solutions

4.    Desktop Virtualization

5.    Software Asset Management