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The system consulting services cover majority in those system and network related products, from security,disaster recovery, system management, server data backup and access infrastructure solutions implementation.


Data Availability

Business continuity is another considering factor to enterprise decision makers because they have to maintain continuous business operations no matter under what conditions of servers and applications. Able to quickly resume services to customers and partners or key applications to employees without one setup time is significant to many corporations under keen business environment.

Data is crucial to every company and data protection by backup and recovery plan is basic to every business user to avoid any accidental data lose due to hardware failures, database corruption and even natural disasters. Good backup practices become the necessary part of your standard business model. Being able to maximize the availability of data and minimize the downtime of server to ensure fast recovery are both mission-critical aspects of Storage management. Our data availability solutions combined the advantages of solutions from different leading vendor partners and focus on the level of factors of simplicity, performance, reliability and cost justification.

        Mini SAN Solutions                                      

        Data Protection

        Backup &Restore

        Email Archiving

        High Availability

        Disaster Recovery


System and Content Security

Safeguarding and protecting your company network at gateway, servers and PCs become much addressed in most of the companies nowadays. It can avoid the potential risks to cause the down time of your entire business due to the attacks by spam, viruses, malware and spyware and hackers. At the same time, there are numerous of passwords in your daily operation for different applications. How to secure your access to these applications and avoid the burden to helpdesk due to the end users forget the passwords, both of them are also important because there are so many users to involve in too many applications.We can arm you with the expert advice it takes to tackle today’s mission-critical security objectives of your company.

        Antivirus Solutions and Firewall Deployment

        Anti-spam,Content, Email & Web Filtering

        System Authentication Solutions


System Management & Enhancement

System management is becoming increasingly important for Windows environment as growing numbers of business-critical applications and database run on it. Managing these resources effectively and efficiently can ensure the users to run application, accessdata, send email or even complete the other computer-related functions their jobs require much faster and productive. It can resolve the administration questions from general server operation and can help optimize the overall performance.

In the present days, enterprises with their sizes becoming bigger and bigger have the increasing demand to the effective solutions to help them detect, diagnose and resolve network performance issues before they turn into costly downtime.  It is also critical to improve the availability and performance of your server infrastructure and gain in-depthvisibility into server problems.  It can certainly improve the IT service quality level and much lower the workload to the helpdesk and support area.

        System, Network,Infrastructure Management & Monitoring

        Desktop Client Management & Control

        Helpdesk System Implementation


Branch Servers and Asset Management

Allow those remote users or offices in different geographical regions to access applications or data over platforms is essential to company growth and keep the competitive advantage across regions. Integrated access infrastructure solution can satisfy the needs and will not slow down your network performance.

At the same time, it is also important to efficiently control the IT resources of local and remote offices.It can make the organization get the benefits from reduced costs and improved performance gained through enhanced management and control over company-wide resources.  It can be done by good branch server management and improved identity and access management.


Teneros Application Continuity Appliance

At last, cost-effective, 24X7 continuity for Microsoft Exchange infrastructure is available with the Teneros Application Continuity Appliances for Microsoft Exchange.

The Teneros Application Continuity Appliances for Microsoft Exchange enable small-to-medium-sized businesses to deploy a comprehensive, cost-effective continuity solution for mission critical Microsoft Exchange. With a simple 15 minute installation using the web-based interface, the Teneros appliances require no intrusive software installations or configuration changes on the Exchange server.

The Teneros Application Continuity Appliances for Microsoft Exchange maintain an ongoing object-level backup of the Exchange mail store and guarantee that database corruption is never replicated. When an Exchange server problem or failure is detected by theTeneros appliance, the Teneros appliance performs an Instant-On failover and begins serving end-users with no disruption in email service or functionality.Each Teneros appliance protects a single Exchange server and can be deployed equally effectively at headquarters or branch offices.


The Teneros Application Continuity Appliance for Microsoft Exchange offers:

Zero Downtime – Teneros Instant-On™ Failover/Failback technology assures that end users have continuous, transparent email functionality and data access during both planned and unplanned downtime of Microsoft Exchange.

Non-Intrusive - The Teneros appliances are the only continuity solutions that require no configuration of,modification to, or additional software on the Exchange server or network infrastructure. Adding Teneros appliances to your network always increases application stability rather than introducing new potential points of failure.

Plug & Go™ Installation – The Teneros appliances require no Microsoft Exchange expertise,install in approximately 15 minutes, and are remotely monitored and updated 24X7.  Adding a Teneros Application Continuity Appliance to your network reduces your IT workload.

Enhanced Data Protection – The Teneros appliances use transactional integrity validation, the company’s proprietary, real-time data verification technology that prevents Exchange data corruption on Teneros appliances.

Reliability – The Teneros appliances provide 99.99%-99.999% uptime for Microsoft Exchange Affordability – The Teneros appliances offer a price comparable to the cost of a provisioned Exchange server, and add no IT cost because of the remote management, update, and monitoring service provided by Teneros.