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Many enterprises are seeking for the way to achieve business growth, while simplifying their business operations at the same time. Kenfil understands the challenges you currently facing - more customers, suppliers, and employees, which means more integration, higher complexity and costs. Many of our customers in different industries approach us for business solutions that can simplify operation and support their growth. We provide a line of cost-effective, scalable business applications which can be tailored to meet your needs, helping you to compete more effectively and ensure profitability. 


Sales & Marketing Solutions

In order to make your business more profitable in the keen competition nowadays, your company must have intelligent and powerful tools to help you monitor your sales operation, manage your customer relationships and also expose your products, services or promotion in a wise way. There are so many different sales and marketing applications in the market, but most of them are very expensive in prices and complicated in operations. No matter you are willing to invest such amount of money, but will your people actually use it in the daily operation? The answer is No.

Kenfil fully understands your concern and now offer two different solutions focus on sales and marketing areas. They are Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which mainly helps your sales people better manage their customer relationships, and Radica Intimate, that provides target marketing to let your promotion message reach the correct group of customers. Right person get right promotion message base on their specific interest and other past demographic information. They are simple in operation. Through these two advance solutions, your sales persons will be much easier to handle different nature of customer relationships and the management can overview the sales internal environment more instantly; meantime, your marketing team will be more efficient to launch different customized interactive promotion campaigns to suit a particular market and also fine tune the promotion message for the similar event next time after collection of customers' feedback. Both solutions can strengthen your business arms in both sales and marketing, In the future, we will source more powerful sales and marketing applications to help different corporations to generate more profit.

    Microsoft Dynamics CRM
What is the most cost-effective and reliable solution to make your business develop profitable customer relationships and work smarter using fewerre sources? Microsoft Dynamics CRM will be your great choice of solution because it has solid and very usable functionalities to help companies in different natures and sizes for managing essential sales and customer service data as well as processes, in which all useful matters totally  depends on a robust database structure capable of recording a comprehensive set of information comprising customers, contacts, support issues, products, leads, opportunities, quotes,orders, and invoices.

In addition, robust service contract administration features and a flexible knowledge base publishing structure simplify handling customer support issues. It is also equipped with a versatile reporting system, well- designed administrative option, and tight integration with Active Directory and Exchange Server, which simplifies managing users' authentication and message routing.Highly compatibilities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM with  other daily Microsoft operational applications make the overall easier to be deployed, integrated and customized. All can help you develop closer customer bonding to generate more revenue though lead and opportunity management, incident management and reporting tools with its modules. In addition, you can also  modify and develop some specific features base on your business type and sales operation flow by Microsoft.NET-connected technologies to suit your requirements.

    Radica Intimate e-Marketing Solution

Radica Intimate is a high performance marketing campaign management solution that provides marketers, who are dissatisfied with the effectiveness and disadvantages of spam marketing or advertising programs, the capabilities to plan and manage context-appropriate, one-to-one dialogs with customers through multi-channels,for example, email, SMS and MMS. It enables marketers to execute dynamic and face-based interaction with customers.

The simple operation makes any marketing professionals easy to handle, not like many other e-Marketing tools, require them to have certain ITor design knowledge to prepare the email marketing campaigns. The advanceversion can go further to integrate with your existing website portal solution to learn your customers'  click-through behaviors and preference, and intelligently react to provide target marketing. It is the complete end-to-end e-Marketing software to provide extensive tools to create, personalize, send,track, re-segment and target the right marketing message to the right audiences. It can be applied to different business with marketing needs.