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Computer software has dramatically transformed today's business and organizational environment. Because of software, today's workers are more efficient and businesses are more productive.


Software is one of your business's key assets and software management is an important business practice. Poor software management, on the other hand, can be very costly. Copyright laws and other intellectual property laws and treaties protect software, just like books. This means that you may not make or install unauthorized copies of software, otherwise known as committing software piracy.


The law imposes significant penalties for software piracy. Additionally, illegal software is more likely to fail, comes without warranties or product supportand can place your computer system at risk of viruses.


Software is an important resource for your company. The proper use of that resource offers the following advantages:

    Cost-effective resource use

    Purchase and maintain licenses for only the software that your business actually needs.

     Redistribute unused/under-used software for more effective use.

     Limit upgrade purchases to only those packages actually being used.

    Increase discounts through volume purchases.

    Allocation of software and maintenance costs along cost center, division or organization alunit lines.

    Avoidance of the risks associated with unlicensed and/or over deployed software.

    Protection against the introduction of viruses.

    Assurance that you are using software on which your company may rely with confidence.

    Enjoy quality assurance and reliability.

    Qualify for free or reduced-price upgrades through registration.

    Get full documentation including disks, instruction manuals, tutorials, etc.

    Receive product support and training from the software publisher.