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More and more local enterprises are establishing branch offices in mainland China,especially after the adoption of CEPA. As smooth operation of business relieson I.T. infrastructure, software procurement is an important topic for enterprises expanding in China to consider.


For long, the process of software procurement in China bring headache to many enterprises. Provider searching, purchasing, delivery, payment, billing…all ofthese tasks can be extremely daunting; if enterprises choose to purchase overseas and deliver to mainland, issues related to duty declaration might even further complicate the procurement procedure.


Therefore,riding on our experience of software licensing in mainland China, Kenfil provides one-stop software procurement solution for clients with businesses in mainland.


Kenfil has rich experience in providing Microsoft licensed software products &technical services to the customers. We are honored to be appointed as one ofthe first few Microsoft Authorized Resellers at Greater China Region. By meansof our integrated total solutions to clients at China and Hong Kong regions, we can provide much comprehensive services at the best quality. Our services include:

     Provide integrated software procurement licenses plan (FPP, MOLP, EA/Sel Enrollment)

     Assign a regional account manager to provide more customized services.

     Avoid any previous problems in procurement, delivery, payment and billing due to difference in geographical areas.

     Arrange centralized client account management to provide integrated software enrollment process and make  more systematic procurement history for clients’ reference. 

     Provide cross-border technical support and consulting services